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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Ongoing Kitchen Lab Experiment: Water Kefir Drinks

Ok These looks scary. So scary, in fact that my husband even wondered if I was growing a test tube baby in the fridge when he opened it and saw these odd looking crystals.

The Chemist, who can claim Rock Star status, as far as blog contribution is concerned, has been busy this summer.  She made a Strawberry Semi-Sparkling Water that was based on the water Kefir grains.  It was excellent.  She claims to have failed at other flavors.  The healthy bacteria that accompany the Kefir are beneficial flora for our overworked and undernourished guts.  We all could use regular portions of probiotics in our lives.  (A more comprehensive post on probiotics later.)  For now if you are looking to make a switch from unhealthy drinks to more gut-friendly sodas or fermented drinks,  and you want to try making some water kefir, you can order the water kefir grains here.

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